Relational Approaches is a research, consultancy and training service that works with NGOs and government agencies to:

  • develop evidence-based policies and procedures;
  • co-design high level strategic plans;
  • facilitate stakeholder consultations;
  • identify and apply for funding;
  • produce literature reviews and discussion papers;
  • create quality assurance frameworks; and
  • provide bespoke training that will enhance and repair relationships.

Since 2008, Relational Approaches has successfully delivered projects across a wide range of sectors, including criminal justice, education, workplaces, disability, and child welfare.

Relational Approaches is provided by Dr. Derek R. Brookes, who has a high level of education (PhD) and 20 years of experience working in America, the UK and Australia.

Derek’s work is highly regarded and he is strongly committed to working with organisations to find innovative and effective solutions to challenging problems.

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